Crane Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

Fish and Wildlife Service, Minnesota.

Crane Meadows National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1992 to preserve a large, natural wetland complex. The 1,825-acre refuge is located in central Minnesota and serves as an important stop for many species of migrating birds. It harbors one of the largest nesting populations of greater sandhill cranes in Minnesota. Habitats include native tallgrass prairie, oak savanna, and wetlands with dense stands of wild rice.

The refuge serves as the base for the Federal private lands program in Morrison County, which focuses on restoring drained wetlands through voluntary agreements with landowners. Acquisition of land for Crane Meadows is continuing as funding is available.

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Crane Meadows National Wildlife Refuge is located in Central Minnesota, approximately 30 miles north of St. Cloud and 8 miles southeast of Little Falls. From State Highway 10, take Morrison County 35 east five miles to refuge headquarters. The refuge office serves as a visitor information point, although staff may not always be available.

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