Christmas Valley Back Country Byway

Department of Transportation.

Christmas Valley loops through high desert landscapes, an isolated pine forest called Lost Forest, and a sparkling lake. On the way, take a brief stop at Green Mountain Fire Lookout to survey the whole area. If you want, you can even use one of the campgrounds at this picturesque site. If you are interested in natural history, Fossil Lake offers great opportunities to view the remains of creatures that lived in the area over 10,000 years ago. The Fossil Lake Sand Dunes rise over 60 feet.


Getting to the Byway:

###From Bend to the Beginning of the Byway:### * In Bend, OR get on Bend Parkway which will turn into the Dalles California Highway/U.S. Hwy 31. * Drive US Hwy 97 for 31.2 miles then turn left onto Fremont Highway/US Hwy 31. * The byway begins at the intersection of US Hwy 31 and Co Rd 5-10 headed to Fort Rock.

Navigating the Byway:
* Begin at the intersection of State Hwy 31 and Co Rd 5-10. * Drive east on Co Rd 5-10, past Fort Rock, OR. * Turn left on Co Rd 5-12 and follow until Sink Rd. * Turn right on Sink Rd./Co Hwy 5-12B and continue driving east. * Turn right again on Co Rd 14C and drive south. * Turn left on Co Rd 5-14D, turn left and drive for about five miles. * Return to the intersection of Co Rd 14C and Co Rd 5-14 D. * Drive west and continue on Co Rd. 14C to Christmas Valley, OR. * Turn right and continue west on Co Hwy 5-14/ Christmas Valley Rd/ Wagontire Rd. * Turn left and drive south on Co Hwy 14G/ Kitty Litter Rd. * Turn right on Co Hwy 5-14F/ Old Lake Rd. * Continue heading southwest on Old Lake Rd. * End at the intersection of Co Hwy 5-14 F and State Hwy 31.

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