Covered Bridge Scenic Byway

Department of Transportation.

Nothing could be more romantic than meandering through the countryside on Covered Bridge Scenic Byway. Forested hills alternating with open pastures create an aura of the 19th Century that will seem real when you pass underneath one of the four covered bridges along the byway. During the horse and buggy times of the 1800s when these covered bridges were novel and pristine, the defiant youth referred to them as "kissing bridges." But the proper term was "wishing bridges," and it was tradition to hold your breath and make a wish as you passed through.


Navigating the Byway:

Traveling the Byway

Starting one mile east of Marietta get on Route 26 to begin at the south entrance. Follow Route 26 for 40 miles until you pass Hilltop. 4 miles outside of Hilltop turn left onto OH 800 North. Follow OH 800 for 2.3 miles until you reach Woodsfield and end the byway.

Getting to the Byway

From Athens to the south entrance:

From Cambridge to Woodsfield:

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