Crowley'S Ridge Parkway

Department of Transportation.

See a mixture of plant communities and an array of wildlife along Crowley's Ridge. Dramatic views abound along the ridge and hills where wildflowers proliferate throughout spring, summer, and fall. Travel through natural and historical sites such as Chalk Bluff Natural Area, the Civil War battle site, and St. Francis National Forest.


Getting to the Byway:

Helena, AR
* The byway begins in Helena at the Arkansas-Mississippi Bridge. * You will travel north on US-49-BR.

St. Louis, MO
* Take I-55 south to New Madrid. * Get on US-62 and go west to Main St. in Malden where the byway begins.

Navigating the Byway:
###Missouri Section ####From Malden to MO/AR Border * Take J west five miles from Malden to the junction with WW. * Turn south (left) and follow WW five miles to Campbell. * In Campbell, take US 62 south to the St. Francis River and the MO/AR border. * Cross the river into Arkansas. ###Arkansas Section ####From St. Francis River to Paragould * From the St. Francis River and the MO/AR border, take US 62 south through St. Francis to Piggott. * In Piggott, take US 62 west through the town square. * Go north to Cherry Street. * Travel west along Cherry to 12th Street. * Then travel north on 12th Street to rejoin US 62 West. * From Piggott, continue on US 62 west to McDougal. * Then travel south on SH 141 through Boydsville and Knob (Possible side trips: Corning and Rector). * Continue south on SH 141 to Hooker. * Then take SH 135 south through Lafe to its intersection with US 49 at Paragould. ####From Paragould to Harrisburg * In Paragould, take US 49 to Court Street. * Turn east on Court Street to Pruett Street. * Travel south on Pruett Street to Main Street. * Travel west on Main Street to 7th Street. * Go south on 7th Street to US 412 West. * Depart Paragould via US 412 west. * Turn south on SH 168 at Walcott. * Then continue south on SH 141. * Turn east on CR 766 (KAIT Road), then south on SH 351 to US 49/US 1 at Jonesboro. * In Jonesboro, take US 49/US 1 south to Aggie Road. * Travel west to Robinson Street. * Go south to Marshall Street. * Travel west to Caraway Road. * Then go south to Matthews Avenue. * Travel west to US 49B (Main Street). * Go north to Cate Avenue. * Travel west to US49B (Union Avenue). * Go south to SH 18. * Then go east to SH 1B South. * Take SH 1B south to its intersection with SH 163 South. * Continue south on SH 163 to South Street at Harrisburg. ####From Harrisburg to Marianna * In Harrisburg, go south on SH 163 to South Street. * Go southwest to Center Street. * Travel west to the Courthouse Square. * Depart the square via East Jackson Street (SH 14). * Then east on SH 14 to SH 163 South. * Exit Harrisburg via SH 14 east and then continue south on SH 163. * Turn west along US 64 and US 64B. * Take US 64B West into Wynne. Take US 64 East for side trip to Parkin. * In Wynne, take SH 284 (Hamilton Avenue) West into Wynne to Terry Street. * Go south to Commercial Avenue. * Travel west to Front Street. * Go south to Merriman Avenue. * Travel east to US 1 (Falls Boulevard). * Go south to Martin Drive (CR 734). * Depart Wynne via CR 734 east to US 284 south. * Continue on SH 284 south to Forrest City (Side Trip: Colt). * In Forrest City, go south on SH 284 to Forrest Street. * Travel south to E. Broadway. * Go west to Izard Street. * Go south to East Front Street. * Travel west to the intersection with SH 1 South. * Depart Forrest City via SH 1 South to US 79, then east to Marianna. ####From Marianna to Helena * In Marianna, go south on US 79 and SH 1 to Chestnut. * Travel east to Poplar Street. * Go south to its intersection with SH 44 South. * Depart Marianna via SH 44 and through the St. Francis National Forest. * Depart the St. Francis National Forest via SH 242 south. * Then travel east on US 49 B into Helena. * In Helena, travel east on US 49B (becoming Perry and Porter Streets) to Cherry Street. * Go south to Missouri Street. * Travel west to Biscoe (US 49B). * Go south to the Arkansas- Mississippi Bridge where the byway ends.

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