Delaware River Scenic Byway

Department of Transportation.

River, canal, and roadway - the parallel ribbons of heritage in the historic Delaware River Valley - have played a transforming role in American history. And few regions express these ribbons of heritage as well as the historic places and scenic landscapes along the 33-mile Delaware River Scenic Byway in New Jersey. The byway offers a firsthand experience of the Delaware River’s formative power, which shaped the cliffs and lowlands of the valley, influenced the settlement patterns of our historic river towns, and even played a critical role in America’s Revolutionary War, as memorialized at Washington Crossing State Park. The byway closely follows the still-intact 19th-century Delaware and Raritan (D&R) Canal that once powered the industrial revolution and now serves as both a recreational venue and water supply for thousands. A gateway to American history, the Delaware River Scenic Byway is a story told along riverbanks and canal towpaths, at historic mills and farms, in quaint historic towns, and in the capital of one of the original thirteen states. Experience everything this byway has to offer from Trenton to Frenchtown.


Getting to the Byway:

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), PA

Navigating the Byway:
* Begin your byway drive in Frenchtown, NJ. * Drive east (left) on Bridge Street. * Turn south on State Highway 29/Trenton Avenue. * Stay on State Highway 29. * Turn southeast on Risler Street/State Highway 29. * Stay on State Highway 29 for the whole duration of the byway route, which ends near Trenton, NJ.

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