Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge

Fish and Wildlife Service, Tennessee.

Established on Nov. 9, 1962, Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge lies within the floodplain of the Cumberland River which is now Barkley Lake. The refuge was established as a result of mitigation proceedings with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers when portion of the Kentucky Woodlands NWR was inundated with the creation of the Lake Barkley Project. Its primary purpose is to provide feeding and resting habitat for migratory birds with an emphasis placed on providing habitat for wintering waterfowl. Today, the refuge spans 8,862 acres.

The mixture of open water, wetlands, woodlands, croplands, and grasslands creates a mosaic of wildlife-rich habitats. At peak population times for waterfowl, the refuge will average 35,000 birds per day with numbers that may exceed 80,000 during extremely cold weather.  Historically the refuge has held up to 10% of the total black duck population wintering in the Mississippi flyway.

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Cross Creeks NWR is located 75 miles northwest of Nashville, TN. Take Interstate 24 appoximately 45 miles, then U.S. Highway 79 from Clarksville, TN to Dover, TN. In Dover turn on TN Highway 49 south and travel two miles. Turn left on Wildlife Road and follow the signs to the office/visitor center complex.

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