Great Lakes Seaway Trail - Pennsylvania

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Follow America's "North Coast" on the Pennsylvania Great Lakes Seaway Trail. Recreation and history abound along the shores of Lake Erie, which offers both a rural landscape of lush farming and the hustle and bustle of historic downtowns. Historic sites tell stories of the War of 1812 and provide year-round activities.


Getting to the Byway:

###From Pittsburgh to Seaway Trail - PA### * Take I-79 north to Erie. * Continue on Bayfront Pkwy to PA-5 to enter the byway.

Navigating the Byway:
The Great Lakes Seaway Trail in Pennsylvania begins at the Ohio/Pennsylvania border on US Route 20. ###Ohio/Pennsylvania Border to Presque Isle, PA### * Follow US 20 east 1.5 miles to the junction of PA Route 5. * Make a left turn onto PA 5 and proceed northeasterly 19 miles to the (signalized) multi-leg intersection at Asbury Road and PA ALT 5 (West Lake Road); (the Erie International Airport is ahead to the right.) * Veer left onto ALT 5/West Lake Road and proceed 2.5 miles to the (signalized) multi-leg intersection at Waldameer Drive (entrance to Waldameer Park) and West 6th Street. * Veer left onto West 6th Street and proceed .25 mile to the (signalized) intersection of PA 832 (Peninsula Drive.) * Continue straight to follow the primary route on West 6th Street or turn left onto the spur route to Presque Isle. The spur route continues around the perimeter of Presque Isle in a 14-mile loop, returning back to the primary route. ###Presque Isle, NY to Pennsylvania/New York Border### * The primary route continues easterly on West 6th Street 1.75 miles to the intersection of Shawnee Drive and entrance of Frontier Park area. * Veer left at the stop sign, continuing .5 miles on West 6th Street around the northern perimeter of Frontier Park, passing over the Bayfront Parkway, to the (signalized) intersection at Cranberry Street. * Turn left and proceed .25 miles to the Bayfront Parkway, turn right and follow the Bayfront Parkway 3 miles to the (signalized) intersection of East 6th Street. * Turn left and follow East 6th Street 0.25 miles to the (signalized) intersection of East Avenue. * Proceed straight onto East Lake Road 1.5 miles to the (signalized) intersection of Franklin Avenue (junction with PA 5.) * Continue straight on East Lake Road (now also PA 5) .75 miles to the (signalized) multi-leg intersection of Water Street and PA 955 (Iroquois Avenue.) * Veer left, remaining on PA 5, and continue northeasterly 16 miles to the NY border.

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