Great River Road - Arkansas

Department of Transportation.

The Arkansas Great River Road embodies a fading agricultural past with a growing modern society that utilizes new agricultural technology. From the first settlers who conquered the swamp to the sharecroppers and finally to a community embedded in pastoral rhythms, this rich heritage can be seen all along the road.


Getting to the Byway:

###From Little Rock to Great River Road### * Get on I-30 west. * Merge onto I-530 S/US-65 S. * In Pine Bluff stay on US-65 south until you reach Dumas where you connect up to the byway. ###From Memphis International Airport### * Depart Memphis International Airport via Winchester Road and Plough Boulevard. * Follow the signs to I-240 West. * Travel on I-240 for two miles and take the I-55 North Exit toward St. Louis. * After crossing the Mississippi River Bridge, begin the Arkansas segment of The Great River Road. ###From Memphis International Airport: Option 2### Travelers who wish to drive the entire length of The Great River Road-Arkansas in one segment may do so by following this option. * Drive north from Memphis on I-55 through Northeastern Arkansas to the Missouri State Line and turning back South. * Take the first Missouri Exit, just over the Arkansas State Line, and travel west to pick up US 61 South. * Drive three miles to the Missouri-Arkansas State Line to begin your journey through Arkansas.

Navigating the Byway:
##Arkansas-Missouri State Line to West Memphis (70 miles) * The byway starts at the Concrete Arch that spans U.S. Hwy 61 at the state line of Arkansas and Missouri. * Follow US 61 through Blytheville, Luxora, Osceola, and Wilson to its junction with I-55. * Turn southeast (right) onto AR 77. * Follow AR 77 through Marion to its intersection with US 70 in West Memphis. ##First Spur (13 miles) * Drive east on U.S. Hwy 70/E Broadway to I-55. * Continue east on I-55 to the state line of Arkansas and Tennessee west of Memphis, TN. * Return to the junction of AR 77/N Missouri St and U.S. Hwy 70/E Broadway in West Memphis. ##West Memphis to Elaine (104 miles) * Drive west on US 70/W Broadway to AR 147. * Turn south (left) on AR 147 to AR 38 near Horseshoe Lake. * Turn west (right) on AR 38 and follow it into Hughes. * In Hughes, turn southwest on US 79/Broadway St. * Continue on US 79 towards Marianna. * In Marianna, turn east (left) onto AR 1/W Chestnut St. * Turn south (right) onto S Poplar St., then east (left) on AR 44/Martin Luther King Dr. * Follow AR 44 to Bear Creek Lake, and turn south (right) onto Co. Rd. 239. * Continue south on Co. Rd. 221 * Turn east (left) onto Co. Rd. 217. * At Storm Creek Lake, turn south (left) on Co. Rd. 215, then south (right) again onto Co. Rd. 239. * Continue on Co. Rd. 239, which becomes first Sterling Rd. then Holly St. once it enters Helena. * Turn west (right) on Miller St., then left on Columbia St., which becomes Biscoe St. as it leaves Helena. * Continue south, merging briefly onto US 49 before turning south (right) onto AR 44. * Follow AR 44 into Elaine. ##Elaine to Back Gate (71 miles) * In Elaine, turn west (right) onto AR 20/Main St * Continue on AR 20 to AR 318 and turn north (right). * Turn west (left) onto AR 316 and continue to AR 1. * Drive southwest on AR 1 through St. Charles, De Witt and Gillette. * Continue on AR 1/US165 to Black Gate. ##East Loop to McGehee (43 miles) * From Back Gate, drive east on AR 1 to AR 4. * Drive east on AR 4 to US 278/US 65 in McGehee. ##West Loop to McGehee(27 miles) * From Back Gate, drive southwest on US 165/AR 54 to US 165/US 65 in Dumas. * Follow US 165/US 65 south to its intersection with AR 4 in McGehee. ##McGehee to Arkansas-Louisiana Border (45 miles) * Drive south on US 278/US 65 through Lake Village. * Turn south (right) onto US 65 and continue through Eudora to the Arkansas-Louisiana state border. ##Second Spur (18 miles) * South of Lake Village, continue on US 278/US 82 instead of turning south onto US 65. * Continue on US 278/US 82 to the Arkansas-Mississippi state border. * Turn around and return to the junction of US 278/US 82 and US 65.

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