Highland Scenic Highway

Department of Transportation.

Travel through a wild and undeveloped portion of the Monongahela National Forest. Hardwood forests cover rolling, mountainous terrain capped by dark spruce at high elevations. Traverse a narrow and steep-walled valley with views of clear mountain streams. Sights include Cranberry Glades Botanical Area, Summit Lake, and Falls of Hills Creek.


Getting to the Byway:

Charleston, WV
* Take I-79 northeast to US-19 junction. * Follow US-19 south to Summersville. * Get on WV-39/55 and drive east into Richwood where the byway begins.

Navigating the Byway:
* Between Richwood, West Virginia, and US 219 north of Marlinton, WV the route includes WV 55, 39, and 150. * The byway starts at the city of Richwood on SR 55. * Take SR 55 east until the Highway become SR 150. * Take SR 150 east until the route ends at the edge of the Monogahela National Forest, at the junction of SR 150 and US 219. * This is the end of the byway.

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