Historic National Road - Indiana

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Travelers along Indiana's National Historic Road will see landscapes marked by the heyday of the 1840s to 1940s. Historic villages with traditional Main Streets give way to fields and pastures. From Federal-style 'Pike Towns' and Victorian streetcar neighborhoods to drive-ins and stainless steel diners, follow the migration of the nation.


Getting to the Byway:

Indianapolis, IN

Richmond, IN

Terre Haute, IN

Navigating the Byway:
The Historic National Road in Indiana runs east to west from Richmond, Indiana, near the Ohio border to West Terre Haute, Indiana, near the Illinois border. It is most often associated with US Route 40. * To get to the byway, it is important to note that I-70 intersects the National Road at the Indiana-Ohio border. * The old National Road Welcome Center at that junction makes this a logical starting point for visitors. * Within cities, the road may acquire other names, or become part of a one-way pair, but the Historic National Road in the Hoosier State is signed as US 40 for most of its 156-mile length. * Within Indianapolis, the Historic National Road is called Washington Street (note: U.S. 40 follows I-465 around Indianapolis). * Also note that at the western end of the byway, I-70 intersects with the Historic National Road just west of Terre Haute, also providing a logical starting point for visitors at the Indiana Welcome Center.

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