Historic Route 66 - Arizona

Department of Transportation.

Route 66 in Arizona is the story of a developing nation - a tale of economic opportunity and the hardships of the Dust Bowl, of World War II and the family vacation. Walk in petrified forests and painted deserts, wander in ancient ruins, or drive along a lava flow.


Getting to the Byway:

Las Vegas, NV
* Continue driving on US 93 * Turn left to stay on US 93 * Turn right on 4th Street, where you enter the byway.

Phoenix, AZ
* Get on I- 17 north toward Flagstaff. * Turn onto I-40 east or west where you enter the byway.

Navigating the Byway:
The Arizona segment of Historic Route 66 is a disjoint byway comprised of seven pieces. The first section follows I-40 through Holbrook, then a small section in Joseph City. The third section goes through Winslow, and the fourth section goes through Flagstaff. The fifth section goes through Williams. The sixth section is a little place in Ash Fork. Finally, there is a long section heading west on SR 65 from Seligman to Topock. Specifically, the sections are: * Holbrook, mile marker 289-285 * Joseph City, mile marker 277-274 * Winslow, mile marker 257-252 * Flagstaff, mile marker 211-191 * Williams, mile marker 167-162 * Ash Fork, mile marker 146-144 * Topock, mile marker 139-0

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