Historic Route 66 - New Mexico

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As you travel Route 66 in New Mexico, you can visit authentic Historic Route 66-era hotels, motels, trading posts and gas stations that have been lovingly restored and preserved. Wander through majestic mountains, breathtaking vistas, meandering ranch land, Indian reservations, Pueblo communities and spectacular sunrises and sunsets.


Getting to the Byway:

###From Santa Fe, NM### * In Santa Fe, the byway runs along I-25 through the south of the city of Compton. ###From Albuquerque, NM### * In Albuquerque, the byway runs along Central Ave. ###From Las Cruces, NM### * Take I-25 north to Los Lunas. * Get on NM-6 to enter the byway.

Navigating the Byway:
###New Mexico Section:### * The byway starts on Historic U.S. 66 at the state line of New Mexico and Texas by Glenrio, TX. * Drive southwest on Historic U.S. 66 through San Jon. * Continue traveling west and follow road to E Tucumcari Blvd and I-40. * Continue on I-40 until road merges with US Hwy 54. * Continue on I-40/US Hwy 54 past Santa Rosa where I-40 merges with US Hwy 84. * Continue on road until US Hwy 84 splits from I-40. * Follow I-84 north and take on-ramp to I-25 and travel southwest towards Algodenes. * Northeast of Algodenes, take exit to Pan American Central Hwy. * Continue on road as it turns into NM-313 and leads into Albuquerque. ************* From Amarillo, Texas, take I-40 westbound to the New Mexico border. Get on Historic Route 66 and take it to Tucumcari, where you get back on I-40. In Montoya, get back on Route 66 and follow it past Newkirk, Cuervo, and Blue Hole. Once you reach Santa Rosa, you pick up on I-40 again. At the intersection of I-40 and NM-84, take NM-84 (which is actually Route 66) northbound toward Las Vegas. When you come to Romeroville, stay on Route 66 as it curves back to the southwest and passes San Jose, Rowe, Pecos, and Glorieta, and then as it goes up to Santa Fe. Continue through Santa Fe down to Algodones, where Route 66 continues as NM-313 through Santa Ana Pueblo, Bernalillo, and Sandia Pueblo. When you reach Albuquerque, there are four different ways you can choose: * You can head east and go past Nob Hill, Tijeras, Edgewood, and Moriarty to Longhorn, where the original Route 66 ends and you turn around and go back the way you came. * You can go west and meet up again with I-40 near Rio Puerco, where you continue on I-40 to where it meets up again with Route 66 at the Cibola County line. * You can continue straight ahead and stay on Route 66 as it goes south through Isleta Pueblo and back up to join post-1938* Route 66 near Correo. * You can continue on Route 66 past Mesita, Laguna Pueblo, Budville, Cubero, San Fidel, McCartys, Grants, Milan, Bluewater, Prewitt, Thoreau, Top O' the World, Iyanbit, Ft. Wingate, and Gallup to the Arizona state line. **Prior to 1938, Route 66 took the way up to Santa Fe and down to Albuquerque. After 1938, a more direct route was taken, and Route 36 cut directly from Albuquerque to Santa Rosa. Thus parts of the Historic Route 66 are pre-1938 and some are post-1938.*

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