Lakeview to Steens Mountain Back Country Byway

Department of Transportation.

Take the opportunity to view waterfowl in the Warner Wetlands or the spectacular geologic escarpment at Hart Mountain and the National Antelope Refuge. Providing striking views of the high desert area west of Steens Mountain, it gives you a wide view of what other activities await you.

Spend a day 'on the range' to see what pioneers and cowboys saw a century ago—the region is home to a number of deer, bighorn sheep and antelope. Other chances to experience and learn about history can be found at the Oregon Central Military Road, the Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Site at the basis of Hart Mountain and prehistoric cultural resources along the byway.

Take full advantage of the outdoors and variety of landscape by hiking, fishing, hunting, skiing or simply sightsee—there is plenty of wildlife to watch and take pictures of; making your trip to the southern portion of Oregon an enjoyable one.


Getting to the Byway:

From Lakeview:

From Burns:

Navigating the Byway:
The byway begins at the juncture of US-395 and OR-140. * Start your journey by heading east on OR-140. * After 7.2 miles take a slight left at Plush Cutoff Road. * After 18.7 miles take a slight left at Hogback Road and continue on through Plush. * Stay on Hogback road for another mile than make a slight right onto Hart Mountain Road. * After 23 miles continue on Frenchglen Road. * After 8 miles turn right at Pistol Spring Road. * Stay on Pistol Spring Road for 9.7 miles, then turn left toward Rock Creek Road, then turn right. * After 1.2 miles turn right toward Catlow Valley Road. * After 7 miles make a slight right toward OR-205. The byway ends at the junction with OR-205, a paved road.

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