Lincoln Highway

Department of Transportation.

Travel through urban cityscapes, cozy riverfront towns, and rolling prairie on Illinois' 179-mile portion of the Lincoln Highway. From its eastern portal at Lynwood to its Mississippi crossing at Fulton, entertainment and adventure can be found around every corner. The Illinois Lincoln Highway is designated as a National Scenic Byway, and is the only state on the entire Lincoln Highway route to achieve this national designation. Come celebrate America's first successful transcontinental highway as you travel across the Illinois Route, where every mile is a story!


Getting to the Byway:

Chicago O'Hare International Airport, IL
* From the airport, merge onto I-190 E/Kennedy Expressway. * Take exit 1D onto the Tri State Tollway/I-294. * Travel southeast on the Tollway and exit onto Hallstead Street/IL-1, going south. * Merge right (southeast) onto IL-1. Turn left (south) onto Chicago Rd/Dixie Hwy. * Turn right (west) at the intersection with the Lincoln Highway/US-30. (You will be heading west on the byway.)

Navigating the Byway:
###From Illinois-Indiana Border to Aurora### The byway begins at the Illinois-Indiana border on US 30. * Follow US 30 until the road forks. * Take the left fork, East Sauk Trail through Sauk Village and into South Chicago Heights. * In South Chicago Heights take Route 1 north toward Chicago. * Turn left onto US 30. * Follow US 30 west through Chicago Heights to Joliet. * In Joliet, US 30 will start going north. * Continue to follow it for 21.9 miles. * Take IL 31 north toward Aurora. ###From Aurora to Mississippi River### * In Aurora follow IL 31 for 12.5 miles until you get to Geneva. * In Geneva turn left onto IL 38 and follow it 41.17 miles to Rochelle. * After Rochelle, IL 38 will begin winding between small towns across the countryside. * Keep on IL 38 for 25.86 miles until you reach Dixon. * In Dixon briefly merge with US 52 and take it northwest. * Turn left when you come to IL 2 and take it west for 12.2 miles. * Continue on IL 2 as it bends south to merge with US 30. * Take US 30 west through Morrison toward Fulton. * The road will divide into US 30 going southwest and IL 136 going west. * Take IL 136 west through Fulton to the Mississippi River, where the byway ends.

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