Mckenzie Pass-Santiam Pass Scenic Byway

Department of Transportation.

Experience dramatic views of the snowcapped High Cascade Peaks. The panorama of lava fields and six Cascade peaks is made more striking by the contrast between the black lava and white snow. The mountains are mirrored in crystal-clear lakes, and the byway passes beautiful waterfalls, including Sahalie and Koosah Falls.


Getting to the Byway:

Portland, OR
* Take I-5 south to Eugene. * Get on I-105 and go east to Highway 126. The byway begins near McKenzie Bridge.

Navigating the Byway:
* This byway forms a complete loop. * Start in Sisters and drive west along US Hwy 20. * The road becomes SR 126 near Suttle Lake and continues west past the junction with SR 26. There it turns south past the junction with US Hwy 20. * Continue until the junction with SR 242, then head east onto SR 242. * Finish the byway along SR 242 through the Willamette and Deschutes National Forests and the Three Sisters Wilderness Area, until you reach Sisters and the end of the byway.

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