Merritt Parkway

Department of Transportation.

Set in natural surroundings, Merritt Parkway's significant design brilliantly integrates the craft of the engineer and the artist. The bridges along the route are excellent examples of Art Deco, or Art Moderne, styles of the 1920s and 1930s. Magnificent foliage abounds in both spring and fall.


Getting to the Byway:

Hartford, CT
* Take I-91 south toward New York City. * Merge onto CT-15 south. * Stay on CT-15 until you reach the Sikorsky Bridge. * The byway begins at the Sikorsky Bridge and follows CT-15.

New York City, NY
* Get on Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive. * Cross Willis Ave. Bridge. * Turn left onto I-87 north. * Turn right onto Cross Country Parkway, which turns into Hutchinson River Parkway south. * The byway begins at the New York/Connecticut State border, where the road becomes CT-15.

Navigating the Byway:
The Merritt Parkway consists of the portion of Route 15 from the New York State line northerly to the bridge crossing the Housatonic River (known as the Sikorsky Bridge) at the Stratford/Milford town line. (Route 15 continues northerly, but is named the Wilbur Cross Parkway from the bridge north.)

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