Mesa Falls Scenic Byway

Department of Transportation.

Connecting with the Teton Scenic Byway at Ashton, the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway takes you to two of the last undisturbed waterfalls of consequence in the West. Main attractions, the Upper and Lower Mesa Falls are the last major falls in Idaho that have not been used for irrigation or hydroelectric projects. At 110 feet and 85 feet, respectively, they offer equally spectacular views in a beautiful forest setting. The upper waterfall has been developed with paths and viewing areas and is easily accessible to all. At Lower Mesa Falls, the Snake River is squeezed into a gorge that drops 65 feet. The best view is from Grandview Campground and Overlook. The glassy waters froth to mist in an even higher 11-story, 114-foot plunge. Simply awesome!


Navigating the Byway:

The Mesa Falls Scenic Byway begins on SH-47 at Ashton, and follows a northeasterly path to Bear Gulch Ski Area, thence northwesterly where SH-47 turns into Forest Service Route 294 until meeting the junction with US 20.

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