Missouri Breaks Back Country Byway

Department of Transportation.

The Missouri Breaks National Back Country Byway runs through central Montana, encompassing an area of varied geography and historical significance. Follow the byway loop beside the Missouri River, through the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, past the Missouri Breaks, and alongside the historic steps of Lewis and Clark to learn about this fascinating region.


Getting to the Byway:

From Lewiston, MT, take secondary highway 236 north for 38 miles to reach Winifred where the byway begins.

Navigating the Byway:

From Winifred, MT, travel twelve miles east on the Knox Ridge Road to reach the junction of Lower Two Calf Road. Head north for 34 miles on Lower Two Calf Road or continue east for 23 miles on the Knox Ridge Road to reach the roads' second junction in the C.M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge. Take the the road you didn't take before to discover the entire loop of the byway.

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