Modoc Volcanic Scenic Byway

Department of Transportation.

Known as the "land of rocks that float and mountains of glass," this byway takes the traveler on a journey through geological and historical sights that defy description.


Navigating the Byway:

From McCloud: Head south on Main Street until it ends at W. Minnesota Ave. Turn left and head east until Highway 89 ramp. Take Highway 89 until signs direct you to the McCloud River Loop and Modoc Volcanic Scenic Byway. The byway follows FH 56 before taking FH 49 to E Street Near Tulelake.

From State Highway 139 near the Oregon/ California Border: Head north on Highway 139. Take Tulelake exit. Head west on E Street. The byway follows E Street until Hill Road where you'll turn left onto FH 49. Take FH 56 from there to McCloud.

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