Native American Scenic Byway - North Dakota

Department of Transportation.

The Native American Scenic Byway in North Dakota is the gateway to a revealing historical and cultural experience. The byway allows visitors appropriate access to the history, tradition, and future of the people of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.


Getting to the Byway:

###From Bismarck, ND to Native American Scenic Byway - ND### * Take Memorial Hwy. west to Mandan. * Follow ND-1806 south to Standing Rock Indian Reservation where the byway begins.

Navigating the Byway:
The Native American Scenic Byway - North Dakota is found in Sioux County, south-central North Dakota. The corridor lies entirely within the boundaries of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation and follows the Missouri River south. * The entrance of Standing Rock Indian Reservation marks the north end of the byway. Take Route 1806 south. * Continue on Route 1806 through Cannonball. * Route 1806 intersects and turns into Route 24 just past the town of Cannonball. * Further on, the corridor brings the traveler to Fort Yates with its many points of interest. * Just past Fort Yates, the byway veers left from Route 24, turning back into Route 1806. At that intersection, Route 24 continues west while Route 1806 continues south. * The southern ending point of the byway ends at the state border (the corridor continues into South Dakota).

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