Native American Scenic Byway - South Dakota

Department of Transportation.

The history of the Lakota and other cultures here offers a glimpse of a seemingly untouched land and a view of our homelands. This journey is only a piece of the incredible story of our nation, the stories are not only about our past but our dreams of the future.


Getting to the Byway:

###From Sioux Falls, SD to Native American Scenic Byway - SD### * Take I-90 west to Main St. in Chamberlain. * Drive north on Main St. into town where the byway begins.

Navigating the Byway:
This route begins on Interstate 90 near Exit 265. Simply cross the Missouri River at Chamberlain-Oacoma and follow the signs along the byway to learn more about this area. For example, in the South Dakota state capital city of Pierre, you can find the visitors information center located near the waterfront and receive information about the byway. ###From Chamberlain to Fort Pierre### * Begin on I-90 near Chamberlain and continue across the Missouri River to Oacoma. * At Oacoma, take the I-90 Loop to South Dakota (SD) 50. * Follow SD 50 to BIA 4 and continue on BIA 4 to Fort Thompson. * From Fort Thompson, take SD 47 to BIA 5 and proceed on BIA 5 to Lower Brule. * Proceed on BIA 10 to SD 1806, and then continue on SD 1806 to US Highway 83 at Fort Pierre. ###Fischer's Lilly Park Spur### * Follow US 83 north until you reach the junction of Route 1806. * A 2.5 mile connecting spur along Route 1806 will take you to Fort Pierre Chouteau. ###From Fort Pierre Chouteau to North Dakota### * Return down Route 1806 to Fort Pierre, then turn right onto US Route 14. * Continue for 38 miles to the junction of SD Route 63, and turn right. * Travel north along Route 63 for 46 miles until you reach the junction of Highway 212. * Turn right onto Highway 212, and continue for 43 miles. You will pass through the towns of Eagle Butte, Parade, Ridgeview, and La Plant. * Turn left onto BIA Route 7 and continue north for 30 miles. * Turn right onto BIA Route 4 and continue for 8 miles to the junction of SD Route 20. * Turn right onto SD Route 20 and continue for 6 miles to the junction of Highway 12. * Turn right onto Highway 12, and continue for 3 miles to the junction of Route 1806. * Turn left onto Route 1806 and continue for 31 miles to the border of South Dakota, where the byway ends.

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