Ohio River Scenic Byway - Illinois

Department of Transportation.

The natural features of the Ohio Valley in Illinois represent some of the most dramatic along the entire river. View unique limestone features such as Cave-in-Rock State Park and Garden of the Gods. Visit numerous historic places and structures. Plan to attend the many festivals and events that occur year-round.


Getting to the Byway:

###From Champaign, IL### * Take I-57 south. * Continue onto I-64 east, just south of Mt. Vernon, IL. * Take exit 110 for US-45 and head south. * Turn east off US-45 onto IL-141. * Follow IL-141 east to New Haven to enter the byway. ###From St. Louis, MO###

###From Memphis, TN### ###From Nashville, TN###

Navigating the Byway:
The Illinois portion of the Ohio River Scenic Byway generally follows the Ohio River from Missouri/Kentucky to Indiana across the southern part of Illinois. * The byway starts at the conjunction of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers near Fort Defiance State Park. Drive IL-37 north through Cairo, Mounds, and Olmsted, IL. * At Grand Chain leave IL-37 and turn east. * Travel through Joppa, Metropolis, Brookport and Unionville. * At New Liberty turn north and drive through Bay City to Golconda and IL-146. * Continue on IL-146, following the Ohio River north and east through Pope and Hardin counties. * Near Cave-in Rock State Park in Hardin County, turn north on IL-1. * Turn east at the junction with IL-13. * At Shawneetown go north to New Haven. * Take IL-141 east to the Illinois-Indiana border where the route number changes to IN-62 and the Indiana portion of the Ohio River Scenic Byway begins.

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