Ohio River Scenic Byway - Indiana

Department of Transportation.

Traversing the lush hills and farmlands of southern Indiana, and paralleling the mighty Ohio River, this route marks a timeworn and history-rich corridor linking historic villages and farms through a picturesque landscape. Rock outcroppings, forested hills, caves, scenic waterways, and limestone bluffs will provide beautiful pictures for you to cherish.


Getting to the Byway:

###From Indianapolis, IN###

###From Terre Haute, IN### ###From Cincinnati, OH### * Take I-71 south into Kentucky. * Merge onto I-275 west via exit 185. * Follow I-275 into Indiana and exit onto US-50 west. * Travel south on US-50 to Lawrenceburg where you enter the byway.

Navigating the Byway:
The byway begins on the Illinois-Indiana border on State Route 62 and runs along the Ohio River across southern Indiana. * Starting on the IL-IN border, head east on Route 62. * Cross Interstate 164 and take State Route 66 south and east as it meanders across the state, through Tell City and Hoosier National Forest. * In Hoosier National Forest Route 66 turns north.

* At Sulphur in the Hoosier National Forest, take State Route 62 east to Louisville and on north to Madison. * At Madison take State Route 56 east. * State Route 56 becomes State Route 156 and then turns back into 56. * At Aurora, SR 56 becomes Highway 50. * Follow this to the state line, where the Indiana part of the byway ends and the Ohio part begins.

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