Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge

Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington.


Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge was established by Executive Order on January 20, 1915 for the land to be “. . . as a refuge, preserve and breeding ground for native birds.” The original 226.02 acres were known as the Dungeness Spit Reservation. This purpose applies to all portions of Dungeness NWR.

Most of the additional tracts acquired between the years 1972-1999, for a total of 39 acres, that make up the Refuge were authorized by the same Public Law and purchased with funds authorized by the Fish and Wildlife Act of 1956. The Act authorized the “. . . acquisition of refuge lands for the development, advancement, management, conservation, and protection of fish and wildlife resources . . .” and “. . . for the benefit of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, in performing its activities and services. Additional land was purchased from willing sellers, received through donations, or easements.

Note: Bold language is from the original establishing legislation.


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