Selma to Montgomery March Byway

Department of Transportation.

Journey through history along the trail that marks one of the major historic events in 20th-century American history, the 1965 Selma to Montgomery March, led by Martin Luther King, Jr. Wind through the streets of Selma; pass through countryside where marchers spent the night on their way to Montgomery.


Getting to the Byway:

###From Birmingham to Selma### * Take I-20/59 west. * Merge onto I-65 south towards Montgomery. * Turn onto CR-42 going west. * Follow CR-42 as it merges with US-31. * From US-31 north, turn onto AL-191 west. * Follow AL-191 and merge onto AL-22. * Stay on AL-22 until you reach Selma where the byway begins. ###From Birmingham to Montgomery### * Take I-20 west/I-59 south. * Merge onto I-65 south towards Montgomery. * Stay on I-65 south until you reach the south end of Montgomery where the byway begins at the Selma Hwy.

Navigating the Byway:
###From Selma to Montgomery (All-American Designation)### * Start in the city of Selma, AL at the junction of Jeff Davis Ave. and Martin Luther King St. GPS point (32.414868,-87.017804) * Drive southeast on Martin Luther King St. to Alabama Ave. * Drive southwest on Alabama Ave. to US Hwy. 80/Broad St. * Cross Edmund Pettus Bridge at Broad St. and Water Avenue. * Drive southeast on US Hwy. 80/Broad St. through Selmont, Benton, Lowndesboro, and Mt. Sinai to US Hwy 31/AL-42 north of Hope Hull, AL. * Turn north on US Hwy 31/AL-42 toward Montgomery. * Continue on US Hwy 31/AL-42 which changes to Mobile Hwy. * Drive northeast on Mobile Hwy. to W. Fairview Ave. * Drive east on W. Fairview Ave. to Oak St. * Drive north on Oak St. to W. Jeff Davis Ave. * Drive east on W. Jeff Davis Ave. to S. Holt St. * Drive north on S. Holt St. to Day St. * Drive east on Day St. to Mobile St. * Drive northeast on Mobile St. to Goldthwaite St. * Drive north on Goldthwaite St. to Montgomery St. * Drive northeast on Montgomery St. to Court Square/S. Court St. Drive southwest on Court Square/S. Court St. to Dexter Ave. * Drive east on Dexter Ave. to Alabama State Capitol. GPS Point (32.377698,-86.301272) ###From Montgomery to Selma### * Begin at the State Capitol Building at the corner of Washington Avenue and McDonough Street in Montgomery. * Bear left on Court Street. * Turn right to take the ramp onto I-85 South. * Take the MOBILE Left exit onto I-65 South. * Take Exit 167/Selma onto US-80 West. * Continue on US Highway 80 East. * Continue on Broad Street(AL-22) to arrive in Selma.

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