Sheyenne River Valley Scenic Byway

Department of Transportation.

In a state known for its flat horizons, a dip into a tree-speckled valley with snaking river and winding roadway is a welcome variation. Discover Native American, Viking, and pioneer lore. Explore 27 interpretive sites that include historic sites, trails, bridges, antiques, birds, and starry nights. Quaint towns and farmsteads lend charm to your journey.


Getting to the Byway:

Bismarck, ND
*Take I-94 east to ND-21 in Valley City where you enter the byway.

Fargo, ND
*Take I-94 west to ND-21 in Valley City where you enter the byway.

Navigating the Byway:
The Sheyenne River Scenic Byway branches out from Valley City on I-94 both to the north and to the south. The byway also contains a few scenic "spurs" which are well signed. ###South of Valley City### * Take County Highway 21 South, 16 miles to Kathryn. * At Kathryn, turn left on County Road 38 and ride east through Kathryn following County Road 38 for two miles. * Turn right onto Oakhill Township Road and travel it for 1/4 mile, where the road turns into Thordenskjold Township Road. * Take Thordenskjold for 2.5 miles to North Dakota Highway 46. * Crossing North Dakota Highway 46, Ransom County 13 continues through 26 miles of the southern portion of the drive. ###North of Valley City * Take Exit 292 from I-94. * Go north on 8th Avenue NW. * Turn east on Main Street Business Loop (I-94). * Turn left on Central Avenue. * Turn right on 12th Street NE. * Turn left onto County Road 21 North. * Follow well-marked byway signage through town 2.4 miles to County Highway 21 North. * After just 1 mile on 21 north, turn west and continue in a north/westerly direction, where you will commence traveling on County Road 19 for another 10.6 miles. * County Road 19 then changes to County Road 17 for 4.5 miles, which takes you to the northernmost end of the byway.

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