Silver Island Mountain National Back Country Byway

Department of Transportation.

Follow the Silver Island Mountain National Back Country Byway along its 54-mile loop around the Silver Island Mountains and through Utah's Great Basin Desert. Revel in the solitude of Silver Island Mountains as you hike, mountain bike, or rockhound on rocky terraces and watch some of the world's fastest vehicles zoom across the Bonneville Salt Flats. Only four miles east of Wendover, Utah, the byway runs through a desert landscape marked with geological remnants of the region's volcanic past. Remnants of more recent history take the form of wagon wheel ruts embedded into the Historic California Trail which runs along the byway's north end.


Navigating the Byway:
To access the byway, take Exit 4 off I-80, east of Wendover. Then follow the Silver Island Mountain Loop Road (the byway) 1.5 miles north, and continue on the gravel road for 1 mile to the junction. Turn right and head east or turn left and head northeast around the byway loop, which circles the Silver Island Mountains, before ending your trip where you began on I-80.

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