South Fork-Alsea River Back Country Byway

Department of Transportation.

The South Fork Alsea River Byway parallels the South Fork of the Alsea River. The river is lined with wildlife and is full of rapids and pools. Picnicking, hiking, and camping are available at the BLM's Alsea Falls Recreation Site. Even driving in off-road vehicles is permitted in designated areas. If you like to fish, the river is filled with salmon, trout, and steelhead. The byway is full of things to see and do. In mid-summer to late autumn see the forested hills along the route covered in Douglas fir and brilliant Red Vine Maples. Wildflowers such as columbine, foxglove, and larkspur bloom in the fields during spring and summer. During the winter, pick your Christmas tree here at one of the many Christmas tree nurseries. If you like wine, visit the local winery at the east end of the byway. Don't worry about food or water while you're here because the byway is near restaurants, drinking water, and comfort stations.


Getting to the Byway:

###Corvallis to Alpine:### * In Corvallis head south on NW Kings Blvd toward NW Jackson Ave. * In 0.2 miles turn left at NW Monroe Ave. * After 0.7 miles turn right at SW 4th St/OR-34/OR-99W/US-20. * Continue on SW 4th St/OR-34/OR-99W/US-20 for 16.6 miles then turn right at Alpine Cut Off Rd. * Continue on Alpine Cut Off Rd until you reach the town of Alpine, where the byway begins. ###Eugene to Alpine:### * In Eugene head north on Washington St. * After 0.5 miles turn left at W 6th Ave/OR-99. * Continue on W 6th Ave/OR-99 for 14.6 miles then turn left at 18th Ave/OR-99/OR99W. * In 8.6 miles turn left at Alpine Cut Off Rd. * After 0.8 miles turn left at Alpine Rd. * Continue on Alpine Rd for 2.4 miles until you reach Alpine, where the byway begins.

Navigating the Byway:
* The byway begins in the town of Alpine. In Alpine head west on Alpine Rd/Boise Ave toward Cemetery Rd. * After 6.6 miles turn left to stay on Alpine Rd. * In 0.8 miles make a slight left at Glenrook Rd. * Make a slight left at Fall Creek Access Rd after 1.4 miles. * In 0.8 miles continue on S Fork Rd. * Stay on S Fork Rd for 8.5 miles then turn right at Alsea Deadwood Hwy. * After 1 miles turn right at E Main St/OR-34. In 0.2 miles you'll reach Alsea, where the byway ends.

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