Talimena Scenic Drive - Arkansas

Department of Transportation.

The byway treads its way along forested mountain peaks, providing heart-stirring panoramas among some of the highest points Arkansas has to offer. Visitors can explore trails and tombstones at Pioneer Cemetery or stop at the state line that once delineated between the State of Arkansas and the Choctaw Nation.


Getting to the Byway:

###From Little Rock, AR * Take I-30 west. * Stay on I-30 west until the intersection with US-70 west. * Follow US-70 west until you merge onto US-270 west. * Travel on US-270 and turn to the left when it becomes US-270/US-71. * Follow US-71 until you reach the visitor information station--where the byway begins--near Mena's city limits. ###From Fort Smith, AR * Take US-71 south to Mena, AR. * Get onto AR-88 to enter the Arkansas section of the byway.

Navigating the Byway:
* The byway starts at the visitor information station on US-71 near the city limits of Mena, AR. * Take SR 88 west. * The Arkansas section of this byway ends at the state border with Oklahoma.

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