Trail of the Ancients - Colorado

Department of Transportation.

Explore the long and intriguing occupation of Southwestern Colorado by Native American peoples. Travel through the archaeological heartland of America while crossing the beautiful and diverse landscapes of the Colorado high desert. World-renowned Mesa Verde National Park and the Ute Tribal Park are highlights on The Trail.


Getting to the Byway:

###Albuquerque, NM to Trail of the Ancients - CO * Take I-40 west out of Albuquerque. * Follow until Gallup, turn right onto US-491 north. * You will join the byway when US-491 and US-161 intersect. ###Colorado Springs, CO to Trail of the Ancients - CO * Take I-25 south out of Colorado Springs. * Turn right onto US-160. * The byway begins at the eastern edge of Mesa Verde National Park on US-160.

Navigating the Byway:
* From the Four Corners area in Colorado, follow US-160 going northeast, until you reach the intersection with SR-41. * At the intersection of US-160 and SR-41, you can turn northwest to follow SR-41 to the Utah border, or continue northeast on US-160. * Continue northeast on US-160 to the intersection with US-491. * Travel north on US-160/US-491 to the city of Cortez. Turn right (east) on Main Street/US-160. * Continue on US-160 to the entrance of Mesa Verde National Park. * Stop and retrace the route back to the junction of US-160 and SR-145 in Cortez. * Turn right (north) onto SR-145/County Rd 27/State St. * Travel northeast to the intersection with County Rd 28/SR-184. * Turn left onto County Rd 28/SR-184 and travel northwest and then west on SR-184. * Follow SR-184 to the intersection with US-491/N Broadway in Lewis. * Turn right onto N Broadway/US-491 and travel northwest. * Follow US-491 through Lewis and Yellow Jacket until it intersects with County Rd CC in Pleasant View. * Turn left (west) onto County Rd CC. * Travel west on County Rd CC to its intersection with County Rd 10 near Lowry Pueblo. * Turn left (south) onto County Rd 10. * Follow County Rd 10 to the Colorado/Utah state border. Just across the border the route becomes Hovenweep Rd/County Rd 212.

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