Trail of the Ancients - Utah

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Walk through time in the vivid deserts of southeastern Utah. The byway is dotted with ancient Native American remnants and natural attractions. Visit vast Monument Valley, the gentle San Juan River, and Pueblo Indian ruins. All creatures from chipmunks to bighorn sheep have their place in the desert's delicate ecosystem.


Getting to the Byway:

###Salt Lake City, UT to Trail of the Ancients - UT * Take I-15 south to Spanish Fork. * Get on US-6 and go southeast to Green River. * Take I-70 east to Crescent Junction. * Get on US-191 and go south to Monticello where the byway begins.

Navigating the Byway:
* Begin traveling west on Hovenweep Rd/CR 212 at the Colorado/Utah border. * Just past Hovenweep National Monument, bear left (southwest) onto CR 413 at the intersection of Hovenweep Rd and CR 413. * Follow CR 413 until it intersects with Reservation Road/Belitso Rd. * Turn right (west) onto Reservation Rd. * Follow Reservation Rd until it intersects with Hovenweep Rd. * Turn left (west) onto Hovenweep Rd/Indian Route 5099. * Drive Hovenweep Rd to where it joins US-262. * Continue west on US-262. Follow SR-262 to its T-intersection with US-191 south of White Mesa. * At this point, the byway branches both north and south on US-191, the start of a long loop. * Turn right (north) at the junction of US-191 and SR-262. Proceed north through White Mesa to the junction of US-191 and SR-95. * Continue north on US-191 through Blanding, until you reach the junction of US-191 and US-491 in Monticello. * Turn around and retrace your path to the junction of US-191 and SR-95. * Continue on the loop by turning right (south) onto SR-95. Follow it to the junction of SR-261 and SR-95. * Continue on SR-95 to SR-275. Turn right (north) onto SR-275 (Natural Bridge Road) and proceed to the entrance of entrance of Natural Bridges National Monument. * Retrace your route to the intersection of SR-95 and SR-261. * Continue south on the loop by turning right on SR-261. * Follow SR-261 to its T-intersection with US-163. * Take a right onto US-163 and travel south through Mexican Hat and Halchita to the Utah/Arizona state border and Monument Valley. * Turn around and return on US-163 to the intersection with SR-261. * Continue the loop north and east on US-163 to the intersection of SR-162 and US-191 just outside Bluff. * To complete the loop, continue on US-191 to return to the intersection with SR-262 south of White Mesa. * Otherwise, turn right (east) onto SR-162/Mission Rd. * Follow SR-162, through Montezuma Creek, to the Utah/Colorado state border where the road becomes SR-41 in Colorado.

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