Bar M Trail System

Bureau of Land Management, Utah.

The Bar M (Moab Brands) Trail System was selected as a National Recreation Trail on October 22, 2020. The Bar M Trail System is a cool riding opportunity just north of Moab, Utah. There are riding options for beginners to experts all right out of the same trailhead. This is a great spot for families with varying skill levels or anyone who likes to ride a variety of trails. Also, there are great views of Arches and the Moab Canyon!

The Bar M Trail System includes approximately 31 miles of mostly singletrack trail in several loops. There are trails for all abilities from the Lazy EZ Trails for beginners to the Killer B trails for only the most gonzo! Check out the Grand County Trail Mix Website for a great map of the system: Grand County Trailmix provides a lot of great information for the bike trails in the area:

There is no fee to ride on the Bar M trails, however the BLM, Grand County Trail Mix and all the local riders would appreciate if you keep these trails nice by staying on them, cleaning up after yourself and others and not riding them if it is too muddy. Thanks!

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The Trailhead for the Bar M System of trails is just north of Moab off of Highway 191. It is well signed from the highway and out on the trails.

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