Cooke'S Range Wilderness Study Area

Bureau of Land Management, New Mexico.

The Cooke's Range WSA is located in southern New Mexico about 60 miles from Las Cruces. The central feature in the WSA is Cooke's Peak, which rises over 3,600 feet above the surrounding plains. The northern portion is extremely rugged while the southern portion is rolling and includes open hills cut by deep canyons. Vegetation consists of piсon and juniper woodlands as well as mixed desert shrubs. The cliffs in the higher elevations provide nesting sites for birds of prey. Mogollon style petroglyphs are found at Frying Pan Spring.

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From Interstate-10 at Deming, NM (approximately 61 miles west of Las Cruces), exit onto Hwy 180 North. Drive on Hwy 180 North for about 3 ј miles and turn right onto Keeler Rd NW/County Rd A008. Continue north on Keeler Rd NW/CR A008 for approximately 12 miles and you will reach the western border of the WSA. The WSA is on your right for the next 2 ѕ miles.

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