Mesita Blanca Wilderness Study Area

Bureau of Land Management, New Mexico.

The Mesita Blanca WSA is located in western New Mexico. It is characterized by rolling grasslands broken by isolated sandstone and basalt mesas. Vegetation consists of grasslands and piсon-juniper woodlands. The 500-foot Red Hill Cinder Cone and lava flow provides a landmark within the WSA.

Nearby Activities


From Highway 60, drive approximately 20 miles west of Quemado to County Road A7/McKinley Ranch Road. Highway road signs at the intersection indicate a road to the town of Luna (County Road B7) to the south. Turn north (right) on County Road A7/McKinley Ranch Road which is immediately opposite of the road to Luna and drive north for approximately 6.5 miles. From this point, the WSA's eastern edge will be on your left for approximately 7.5 miles (the road twice passes through private property with ranch houses, please do not trespass on private property).

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