Bennett Mountains

Bureau of Land Management, Wyoming.

The Bennett Mountains WSA encompasses 6,003 acres of BLM-administered land with no inholdings or split estate. The study area contains three basic types of topography: the mountain plateau/ridges, the steep, rocky ledges and the many tributary draws. Vegetation is primarily grasses, sagebrush and other shrubs, with pockets of pine, aspen and willows. The Bennett Mountains WSA provides opportunities for primitive recreational activities that primarily include hunting, hiking, trapping, camping, wildlife viewing and sightseeing. The rugged and diverse terrain provides high quality opportunities for a primitive and unconfined type of recreation. There are no unique or exceptional recreation opportunities within this WSA.

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There is no public access by vehicle to this WSA. However, access by boat is possible from Seminoe State Park. Boat across the reservoir, beach the boat and hike into the WSA.

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