Lake Mountain

Bureau of Land Management, Wyoming.

The Lake Mountain WSA encompasses 13,865 acres of BLM-administered land and a 40-acre inholding. The study area is in the Wyoming Range and contains an irregular series of steep-sided ridges ranging in elevation from 7,400 to over 9,600 feet. Rock creek, in the central part of the WSA, contains a population of Colorado Cutthroat Trout, a candidate for the status of threatened and endangered species. Dense stands of conifers cover the north and east facing slopes. The main type of primitive recreation in the area is hunting by foot or on horseback. Elk, deer, moose and bear hunting take place mainly along LaBarge Creek, Long Hollow and Deadline Ridge. In conjunction with the hunter use, there is a substantial amount of horseback and ORV use.

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Take County 315 West out of La Barge for 14 miles to reach the southern boundary of the Lake Mountain WSA.

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