Medicine Lodge Wsa

Bureau of Land Management, Wyoming.

The Medicine Lodge WSA encompasses 7,740 acres of BLM-administered land with no private or state inholdings. The WSA consists of spectacular canyon walls towering 1,000 feet above Medicine Lodge Creek. Elevations range between 5,100 and 8,500 feet. The area includes crucial winter range for elk and deer. Bighorn sheep may use parts of the WSA as summer range. Rich color combinations, vertical or nearly vertical cliffs, spires and formations; variation in form, pattern, texture and type of vegetation; and presence of free-flowing, cascading water make the WSA highly scenic. Medicine Lodge WSA contains outstanding opportunities for primitive and unconfined recreation. Opportunities for hiking and climbing exist in Medicine Lodge Canyon. Medicine Lodge Creek is a trout fishery of regional importance. Opportunity for fishing appears greatest in the lower reaches of the creek. Excellent wildlife viewing and hunting opportunities exist throughout the WSA. The juniper belt provides cover and forage for deer. The shrub-steppe areas draw elk in the fall and winter months. Both species are hunted heavily. Opportunities for viewing and hunting small game, predators, and upland birds are also present throughout the unit.

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The WSA is bounded mainly by the Cold Springs Road on the south, the Black Butte Road on the north and west, and the Bighorn National Forest on the east.

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