Sweetwater Canyon

Bureau of Land Management, Wyoming.

The Sweetwater Canyon WSA encompasses 9,056 acres of BLM-administered land without any split estate or private inholdings. The WSA lies along the southeastern flank of the Wind River Range in the high plains desert. The 5,538 acres recommended for wilderness include the core area of the Sweetwater River Canyon, which is roughly 7 miles long and averages 500 feet deep. The river canyon contains outstanding opportunities for a primitive and unconfined type of recreation. Of all the opportunities for recreation, the river itself is by far the most important. Typically, fishing opportunities attract most visitors to the area. While fishing, visitors usually take advantage of other benefits such as the outstanding solitude, scenery and camping opportunities along the river. The river offers high quality brown, rainbow and brook trout fishing. Mule deer are hunted within the canyon.

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The Sweetwater Canyon WSA is accessed from the Hudson Atlantic City Road. Access to wild lands inherently requires navigational skills and in many cases, four wheel-drive/high clearance vehicles. Visitors should be prepared for adverse weather and road conditions. The WSAs in the Lander Field Office are primarily accessed by unnamed/unsigned two track roads; in many cases, these roads are impossible to find without good navigational skills and equipment. You will need to use your navigational skills to access the WSA.

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