Sweetwater Rocks (Split Rock)

Bureau of Land Management, Wyoming.

The Split Rock WSA encompasses 1,789 acres, including 40 acres of surface split-estate and 40 acres of private land inholding within the boundaries. The Split Rock WSA offers outstanding opportunities for a primitive and unconfined type of recreation, including rock climbing, hiking, sightseeing, backpacking and hunting.

Split Rock and McIntosh Peak have long been attractive to rock climbers. Hunting for pronghorn is outstanding on the flats because game is abundant and packing distances are short.

Bighorn sheep historically inhabited this area, but the only big game species currently in residence are elk, antelope and mule deer. Golden eagles, prairie falcons and red-tailed hawks soar overhead.

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The Split Rock WSA is accessed from U.S. Highway 287 at the Split Rock Pullout. Caution - lots of private lands in the area! Access to wild lands inherently requires permission across private land, navigational skills, and four wheel-drive/high clearance vehicles. Visitors should be prepared for adverse weather and road conditions. The WSAs in the Lander Field Office are primarily accessed by unnamed/unsigned two track roads; in many cases, these roads are impossible to find without good navigational skills and equipment.

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