Traver Ranch

Bureau of Land Management, California.

The Traver Ranch was established in the 1940's when the family purchased approximately 800 acres and began building the large block house that still stands along the edge of Soda Lake Road. The family was primarily involved in dry land farming of wheat and occasionally barley. Examples of farming implements that were used are on display in the field east of the block house. The house provides important habitat for the pallid bat and western small-footed bat, as well as other wildlife species. Because of this, the house has been secured to allow wildlife access, but prevent human entrance into the structure. For your safety and to minimize distrubance to wildlife, do not enter the fenced area around the ranch house. Please enjoy the farming equipment on display.

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Once on Carrizo Plain National Monument, continue on Soda Lake Road until you arrive at sign for Traver Ranch, the ranch is along the road.

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