Camp Ibis-Patton

Bureau of Land Management, California.

Camp Ibis was constructed in the winter of 1942-43 and stretched more than two miles north to south. The camp consisted of several armored divisions, each numbering more than 20,000 men. It contained 23 ranges, including ones for moving targets, pistols, rifles, and .50-caliber machine guns. It also had many combat ranges, vehicle combat ranges, and transition courses contained inside. Since it is one of the better-preserved divisional camps, there are many artifacts that still exist in the area including Unexploded Ordinance (UXO).

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From Needles, CA, take I-40 west approx. 10 miles to the U.S. Highway 95 north exit. Exit north and take U.S. Highway 95 approx. 8 miles. A site monument will be on your right hand side.

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