Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument

National Park Service, Alabama.

In 1963, images of snarling police dogs unleashed against non-violent protesters and of children being sprayed with high-pressure hoses appeared in print and television news around the world. These dramatic scenes of violent police aggression against civil rights protesters in Birmingham, Alabama were vivid examples of segregation and racial injustice in America.


Via I-65 North or South From I-65, take I-20/59 NE towards Atlanta. Exit at the 17th Street Exit (first exit off of I-20/59). Bear right and proceed to the light. From that light go two blocks to 6th Avenue N. Turn right on to 6th Avenue N. The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is one block up on your left. A.G. Gaston Motel The interior of the A.G. Gaston Motel is currently closed to the public and updates for the Motel opening will be available on the NPS park website at a later date.

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