Black Canyon (I) Wilderness Study Area

Bureau of Land Management, Idaho.

In Idaho, BLM manages over 10,000 acres of public lands in the Black Canyon I Wilderness Study Area. Located at the southern toe of the Lemhi Mountain Range, this landscape is characterized by rocky canyons massive cliffs and faults. The lower slopes and canyon bottoms contain sagebrush forbs and grasses typical of this low moisture high desert environment. Patches of juniper trees are found throughout the area and small stands of Douglas-fir grow at the higher elevations. Primitive recreation opportunities for hiking, camping and nature study can be found here. Other recreation opportunities can be found at the nearby Gooding City of Rocks WSA.

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Located in Gooding County, Idaho within the Mount Bennett Hills rolling belt of foothills between the Sawtooth Mountains to the north and the Snake River Plains to the south.

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