Black Canyon (II) Wilderness Study Area

Bureau of Land Management, Idaho.

In Idaho, BLM manages over 5,000 acres of public lands in the Black Canyon II Wilderness Study Area. The landscape is dominated by vertical-walled canyons caves and other rock formations of geologic interest. These formations are picturesque and provide important habitat for golden eagles, kestrels, great horned owls hawks and falcons The caves and rock formations have also been used for shelters and hunting blinds by prehistoric inhabitants as long as 10000 years ago Pictographs and other signs of early inhabitants can be found in the area. Elk, deer, antelope, coyotes, birds of prey, upland game birds and black bears are found here. Primitive recreation opportunities here include rock climbing, hiking wildlife viewing and spelunking.

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Located at the southern toe of the Lemhi Mountain Range.

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