Burnt Creek Wilderness Study Area

Bureau of Land Management, Idaho.

Burnt Creek Wilderness Study Area (WSA) is comprised of 24,980 acres designated as having wilderness characteristics. There are open sloping sagebrush and grass-covered hills in the north and east and steep terrain with scattered pockets of Douglas-fir and juniper in the south and west. Several large rock outcroppings dominate the center, and a small lake is nestled in the trees of the southwestern portion of the WSA.

Motorized Use Restrictions

All motorized and mechanized use is limited to designated boundary and cherry-stem routes only.

The WSA is closed to all motorized use seasonally from October 1st to December 31st to provide a non-motorized hunting experience. 

43 CFR 8340.5 defines an off-road vehicle as any motorized vehicle capable of, or designed for, travel on or immediately over land, water, or other natural terrain. This includes but is not limited to snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, pickups, and sport utility vehicles. Non-motorized travel such as walking, horse-back riding, or cross-skiing is allowed year-round.

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Located in Custer County, 35 miles northwest of Arco, Idaho. The WSA is bounded on the north and east by numerous unnamed access roads, on the south and west by the Challis National Forest.

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