Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge

Fish and Wildlife Service, Florida.

The refuge is bisected by 20 miles of the famous Suwannee River and includes 30 miles of coastal marsh habitat along the Gulf of Mexico.  Established on 10 April 1979, the salt marshes and tidal flats at the river's mouth are a paradise for shorebirds and fish.  The flow of the Suwannee River fuels the highly productive estuarine waters of the Gulf of Mexico providing habitat for Gulf sturgeon and feeding grounds for resident and migratory shorebirds, wading birds and waterfowl that make this place their home.  The refuge also encompasses an unusual diversity of floodplain hardwoods, cypress-lined sloughs, cabbage palm and cedar islands, cypress domes, hydric, mesic, and xeric hardwood hammocks, and low pine flatwoods.

Nearby Activities


From US 19 in Chiefland, Florida, turn south onto County Road 345 and then go to County Road 347; drive for approximately 11 miles to the hamlet of Fowlers Bluff.  As you pass Fowlers Bluff follow the big brown information signs. You can also do a computer search using these words: "Vista, Levy County, Florida", or our address "16450 NW 31st Place, Chiefland, Florida 32626".

The headquarters office has a visitor contact station open 7:30 - 4:00 Monday - Thursday.  Call before you come on Fridays.  The contact station provides maps, brochures, information, and a warm welcome for visitors. Restroom facilities, a pollinator garden, hiking, and paddling information are also available.   If you are coming on a Friday or a weekend, definitely call or text as no one might be there; Andrew’s cell (+1) 703-622-3896 or the office (+1) 352-493-0238 x224. 

The Friends of the Refuges Website (https://www.friendsofrefuges.org/maps.html) has many refuge maps for public use. 

Dixie County 

Dixie Mainline North Entrance: 29° 26.504'N, 83° 11.234'W 

Dixie Mainline South Entrance:  29° 20.819'N, 83° 7.516'W 

Shired Island Boat Launch and Beach Trail:  29° 23.893'N, 83° 12.108'W 

Numerous refuge roads off of Dixie County Road 349 between:  29° 28.419'N, 83° 0.666'W, south to 29° 23.215'N, 83° 4.797'W. 

Levy County 

Refuge headquarters entrance:  29° 22.438'N, 83° 2.244'W. 

North entrance Nature Drive:  29° 21.889'N, 83° 2.334'W. 

Pond 4 Road:  29° 18.604'N, 83° 3.262'W 

Barnett Creek Road:  29° 18.422'N, 83° 3.775'W. 

McCormick Creek Road:  29° 17.490'N, 83° 3.620'W. 

Cabin Road:  29° 17.433'N, 83° 3.149'W. 

South Entrance Nature Drive:  29° 17.795'N, 83° 1.958'W. 

Gate 10 Road:  29° 16.016'N, 83° 0.552'W. 

Shellmound Road:  29° 12.816'N, 83° 0.664'W. 

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