Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge

Fish and Wildlife Service, Mississippi.

Established in 1940, Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge is located in three counties (Noxubee, Oktibbeha, and Winston), and was created from lands obtained through the 1930s Resettlement Administration. In 2012 the refuge was renamed Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge in honor of Sam D. Hamilton, a former director of the Fish and Wildlife Service who grew up in this area. 

Originally established for the conservation of migratory birds, especially waterfowl, the refuge is also home to the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker and many neotropical migratory bird species which benefit from the variety of habitats the refuge provides.  Four green-tree reservoirs, two major lakes (Bluff Lake – 800 acres and Loakfoma Lake – 400 acres), 16 small impoundments, and assorted wetland areas provide important habitat for the wood stork, American alligator, bald eagle, and wintering waterfowl. The National Audubon Society has designated Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge as an Important Bird Area, one of five of global importance in Mississippi. 

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From Hwy 25: Turn east off Highway 25 onto Loakfoma Road (coming from the north turn left at the first road after entering Winston County). At the end of Loakfoma Road turn left and the Office/Visitor Center will be 6.7 miles on the left. 

From Hwy 45: Turn west off Highway 45 to Brooksville. Go through Brooksville on Lynn Creek Road and continue approximately 11 miles. The road turns right and at a four-way intersection there will be a sign for the refuge, turn right. Continue approximately three miles and turn left at paved intersection. Office/Visitor Center will be on the right .2 miles.

From Hwy 12: Look for a sign at the corner with the Hampton Inn and turn south onto Blackjack Road. Continue to the “round-a-bout” and exit to the right of the Shell Station. Continue south on Oktoc Road to the Refuge about 14 miles. Cross the Bluff Lake Levee and turn right. The Office/Visitor Center will be on your right.


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