Factory Butte Recreation Area

Bureau of Land Management, Utah.

OHV users travel from far and wide to enjoy the mancos-shale badlands of Factory Butte. These scenic badlands provide OHV users an unparalleled riding experience. Factory Butte is a popular recreation site for everything from OHV jumping and riding to motorcycling and passenger car touring.

Although Factory Butte is famous for its OHV areas, few realize that the area is also a popular site to view wildflowers in the spring when Factory Butte is in full bloom. Tourists stop in at Factory Butte to photograph fields of desert flowers and blooming cacti. These blooming fields provide a stunning foreground for the North Caineville Mesa and Factory Butte formations.

There is a restroom and interpretive kiosks at Factory Butte.

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Factory Butte is located 12 miles west of Hanksville, Utah on State Route 24.

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