Cross Canyon

Bureau of Land Management, Utah.

This WSA includes portions of three main canyons which are the continuation ofthe Cahone Canyon WSA. The relatively flat plateau through which these canyons are cut has a gentlesouthwest downward tilt from its 6,500 feet elevation at the northeast boundary of the WSA. Numerousledges, rocky outcrops, and cliffs are exposed in the stair-stepped canyons which range in depth from300-900 feet.Ancestral Puebloan ruins are common in the canyon.


Located in Dolores and Montezuma Counties, Colorado (11,580 acres) and in San Juan County, UT (1,008 acres). The area is approximately 14 miles southwest of Cahone, CO and about 1 mile southwest of Lowry Pueblo Ruins National Historic Landmark, and 5 miles north of Hovenweep National Monument.