Spruce Canyon Wsa

Bureau of Land Management, Utah.

This WSA consists of a landscape cut by steep ridges and v-shaped canyons and formed by the many drainages leading south to Cottonwood Canyon along its southern boundary. Its major canyons include Cherry, Tepee, Spruce, Bull and Halfway. Nearly half of the WSA is covered by a Douglas fir forest. Half of this WSA was burned in a large fire in 2002; the area is currently re-vegetating. Spruce Canyon has year-round populations of mountain lion, elk and black bear. Recreational use of the area is low due to its remote location and limited access, with hunting being the most popular activity. Other recreation activities include hiking, backpacking, and horseback riding.


Spruce Canyon WSA is located north of I-70 in the rugged terrain of the Bookcliffs, extending to the top of the Roan Cliffs. Access into the area is from I-70 and dirt roads leading north from Interstate Exit 212.